Shaista & Mustafa

To say I was excited when Shaista first emailed me about her wedding is an understatement. In our community of creatives, it’s very easy to make friends on Instagram: to have that translate in real life is an added bonus. We met up for a coffee and chatted about life and love, after all, she has been my long distance inspiration over the last year of doing it myself. Shaista and Mustafa’s love story has passed the test of time and space, for more than 2 years of not seeing one another when borders locked down. This was part two of their wedding celebration. A bright and beautiful day at North Deck surrounded by their special loved ones. I cannot express how much these photographs mean to me. When a few weeks after this wedding, I received the news Shaista had lost her beloved brother. I was devastated and heartbroken having just spent two days with their family. The photographs and the celebration became so much more than a wedding. It became a celebration of life and endless love, without even knowing it.

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