Taylor & Joe

I met Taylor years ago and it’s safe to say the obsession was mutual. She’s just the dreamiest, a personality that certainly matches mine. Sarcastic and dry, yet sentimental and creative. We share a love for antiquing. After their 9am boozed up orange juice less mimosa engagement session, I knew that the wedding day was going to be nothing short of epic. Flash forward a few months, and many conversations leading up to the wedding, the day was here!

Having spent a few hours at the Rehearsal Dinner a few days before, I had built connections with everyone. It’s important to me that I show up on the day as someone who is there to connect, not just snap some beautiful photographs. Let’s face it, it was going to be impossible to take any mediocre photos on this day. Driving up to St.Lucy, the sea was glistening, reflections of that scorching West Coast Sun. The girls spent their morning getting ready, listening to the best of the 2000s, dancing on tables and drinking Prosecco to keep the heat at bay.

The guys, well you know, they got ready and probably had a few more beers than they should have. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, a reading by Taylor’s grandfather was especially sentimental and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Handfuls of lavender and dried flowers showered the newlyweds as they walked into their newest roles as Husband and Wife. We made sure to eat every single dish that passed by during the portraits. They definitely didn’t disappoint.

A live band played the best of Tay and Joe’s favs- including one of my personal favourites and their wedding song. The rest of the night was just literally the best thing, what we thought would be tiny wedding day blessings turned into a full on down pour. Very Mamma Mia esque (IYKYK). When the rain just wouldn’t relent- it came time to put away the camera. I joined the festivities – welcomed by everyone in attendance and daunced the night away with the best people.

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