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Intention over Perfection. 

 I've always been drawn to human connection, to photograph yours is such a privilege. Raw emotions, smiles + kisses, tears of joy. Your unique story.  Whether it's your wedding day, a morning at home with your lover or your baby's milestones. I want to connect with you, honestly. It's easy for me to go unnoticed to allow a true unfolding of a moment occur, but when it comes down to direction- I'm a pro. Double chins- be gone! I create a comfortable environment where you stay true to yourselves through every minute. You don't have to worry about letting your guard down around me, I got you boo. 

My Approach





+ Connect Call or Meet-up 
+ Wedding Day coverage starting at 7 hours
+ Images delivered Online 

What's always included?

Not all Wedding Days look the same, therefore they're all customizable. All Collections are designed to maximize what you need on your day. These collections are priced as bases for your day. For more information on collections please reach out via the contact form!

Wedding Day Collections





+ Connect Call or Meet-up
+ Up to 5 Hours of Coverage
+ Dressing, Ceremony + Portraits
+ Sneak Peeks within the first week
+ Images delivered Online valid for 1 year

What's always included?

Prices are quoted in USD*

Just you and your boo, or throwing in a few friends (15 people of less). This is my vibe. All permits for locations + marriage ceremonies must be obtained by you guys. But everything else- I'm your gal. Hype woman, part time veil assistant, anything you need. I'm there with you for up to 4 hours. 

Elopements & Intimate Weddings






Opting for the traditional route? Let's do it. A full day of coverage to capture every little moment. Dressing, ceremony, the pretties, and of course- the dance floor. These collections are  catered to weddings of 70-100 or more guests. Collections range from 7-9 hours of coverage. With options to customize all collections- you can have it all. 

Full Wedding Day Coverage

+ Connect Call or Coffee Meet-up 
+ Lovers Session
+ From 7-9 Hours of Coverage
+ Dressing, Ceremony, Portraits + Formalities
+ Sneak Peeks within the first week
+ Images delivered Online valid for 1 year

What's always included?


As a storyteller, I want to get to know you, the real you. I don't show up as a vendor, I come as a friend. So feel free to open up.





Whether you're in the early phases of booking, or just shopping around. Reach out as soon as possible! Photographers are one of the first vendors to book up. 



Once I'm available for your date, we will meet up in real life, or Facetime, Zoom, Whats app- you know all the techy stuff. 

Once we've decided we're a good match- we will both sign a contract for legal + safety purposes. A non refundable booking fee is required to secure your date as well.



Most collections include a Lovers Session - this helps us connect before the wedding- the last thing you want to worry about is feeling awkward on your big day.



Your wedding will be here in a flash- so enjoy the day. Don't rush, take time to soak it all in. You'll blink again and it'll be over- lucky you have me! 



Let's get you Booked!

Invest in me and I’ll invest in you.

I am based in between Trinidad + Tobago and Barbados. I shoot most of my weddings in between the two, making it easier to travel back and forth for all story telling!

Where are you based?

Yes I do! I absolutely love going to new places, traveling and meeting people from all over the world. Destination Weddings are my favourite- everyone coming together to celebrate in a beautiful, sentimental place is always super special. 

Do you travel for weddings?

This is completely up to the couple- but I always give my input based on the wedding day. The amount of guests and location are just some of the factors I use to determine whether I need a  second photographer. I am comfortable and have shot up to 200 guests solo. 

How do I decide if I need a second photographer?

I will never force someone to be affectionate for photos, at the end of the day- the photos are meant to be true to you and your relationship. If you’re not affectionate, there are many other ways to document your love. I wouldn’t worry too much— I have a way of making people feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the lens. 

My partner + I aren't affectionate, help!

Teaser Images are delivered within the first couple of days after the wedding so you can show everyone! (I phone pics are great but mine are better). Depending on the time of year, wedding galleries are delivered no more than 4 months after the wedding date. If it’s a busy season—I’d give you a heads up if they’ll be a little longer! 

How long after do we see our wedding photos?

SOONER THE BETTER! I don’t usually take weddings that are more than 1 year advance, but make exceptions especially for Destination Weddings. Once you have a date— reach out! Even if it’s to inquire for pricing or availability.

How far in advance should we book you?

Charlotte & Joe

Grateful for Sam is an understatement. Almost daily, I look back at photos from both our engagement shoot and our wedding. Sam captured our love and our story the way no other could. Despite feeling like strangers in front of the lens, Sam was able to help us relax and in many moments, she meshed right in with the love story! Her innate ability to capture the true nature and vision of each couple is amazing. We had the best time with Sam. Can’t sing her praises loud enough.

"We find ourselves looking for life milestones we want captured just so we can work with Sam again!"


Ashley & Mike

From day one we felt like we were re-connecting with a friend who just happened to be a professional photographer. Taking photos can sometimes be “awks” but you knew the perfect joke to crack to ease us into the mushy gushy moments. Looking back on our engagement and wedding teaser photos, it takes us right back to those exact moments, reliving all the emotions as it if were happening all over again (tears included). We absolutely cannot wait for you to tell our next story. 

"We will never be able to put into words how grateful we are to have had you along with us on our wedding journey."



Sam's photography captures so much more than just an image, she is an authentic storyteller. Her photography stands out stylistically to others and she has an artful eye for capturing perfect moments. Her passion, professionalism and ability to make anyone laugh will set your nerves aside. She continues to push and progress in her art form which shows time and time again in the quality of her work. You could not dream of finding a better photographer her work speaks for itself!

"Working with her is a breeze and will set you at ease."


Ann Marie & Jonny

I've never felt so confident in front of a camera, so I was so nervous about taking wedding pictures, but Sam made the experience so comfortable, natural and enjoyable. She told me exactly what I needed to do, I didn't even need to think. She captured every important moment. Looking back at my pictures makes me feel as though I'm reliving the day every time!

"Sam made the experience so comfortable, natural and enjoyable."


Jenille & Aaron

Sam is a true genius behind the lens. She is effortlessly easy to work with and made us all feel so at ease. I felt like I was working with a long time friend. Sam, continue to be the bold, timeless and beautiful storyteller you have proven to be time and time again...I can’t wait to work with you again...be it family photos or the renewal of our vows.

"Bold, timeless and beautiful storyteller."


Michele & Aaron

We could not be happier with our whole experience with Sam. Thank you so much for capturing our engagement and wedding memories so beautifully. There was pouring rain on the day of our engagement session and Sam turned the disastrous weather conditions into a very fun experience and awesome photographs which we will cherish forever. 

"She is professional yet feels like a friend."


Olivia & Josh

Sam captured the true fairytale and magical moments of our special day in France. Sam blended in perfectly with a bunch of Bajans all the way in France. Thanks for snapping AMAZING photos, we now have to treasure for life!

"She was fantastic on the day giving us direction every step of the way. "


timEless stories.



forever feelings