Rhianna & Brendon

Rhianna + Brendon are the kind of people who just feel like home. From the minute we started emailing 2 years ago, Rhi and I connected, both Fleetwood Mac lovers and Bohemian Souls. I had this overpowering feeling like I had seen Brendon’s face before, maybe in another lifetime- but it turns out he had been a groomsman for a wedding I shot years ago! When we finally met after all the back and forths, we hugged tightly + it felt like I had missed my friends who had been living away.

They’re the kind of people who left me feeling energized and so so incredibly happy to do what I do. Just looking at the photos from their wedding day, you’d never know that the weather was looming over us all day and that there were a few minor hiccups. They just were so happy. Rhi and Brendon truly are one of the most beautiful couples ever.

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