Laura & Andy

I’ve learnt from traveling for weddings over the years, I’m not just there to capture the couple’s love story. I’m there to witness the love that surrounds them. Love that has traveled from far and wide. It’s this love that opens my heart each and every time I share a connection with my couples. For Laura and Andy, their love traveled all over the world from Barcelona and London to Barbados.

After their first look at Little Good Harbour, we strolled across road to Fish Pot Restaurant to their “gathering” as they referred to it, (may have been lost in translation because this was purely a fete). We took a few more photos on the beach as the sun dipped below the horizon. The sun set in traditional Barbados fashion with flicks of purple and pink dancing across the sea, a backdrop that made you feel like you were immersed in a painting. The crowd was filled with eclectic and beautiful characters, each warm and welcoming in their own ways. The dancing began after a few rum punches. Once the shirts came off, I knew it was the beginning of a good night.

Wedding Venue: Fish Pot, Barbados

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