Melissa + David: Part I

For Mel and David, their wedding day went in reverse for reasons of pandemic proportions we’re absolutely over discussing. In any case, their reception before the wedding was one of the funnest nights ever. Essentially it was a huge pre-wedding bram? Mel and I have known each other since kindergarten and somehow every year have played in matching carnival costumes – Mel, I think when it comes to wedding dresses, you’ve finally outdone any expectation I had and I WON’T be able to match you this rounds. No one can wear this insane Laura Narayansingh creation like you. A muse, an angel, David’s dream girl and the whole of Trinidad’s. I genuinely gasped when I went into the room and saw my stunning friend in her one of a kind dress. Despite having two very special people missing from this day, Mel and David made the best of it in every way. Many tears were shed. Some happy, some bittersweet. WAY Too many tequila shots were taken, a few dance offs and so, so much love.

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