d’Abadie Family

To tell this story, I’d have to begin years ago when Jessica and Josh got engaged here at his family home in Blanchisseuse. Soon after they were wed there. Post Australia and Trinidad border lock downs, they returned to show their boys where it all began. When I tell you it’s the last house after the Bridge, I mean it. When we finally arrived, it was like nothing had changed with these two, except now they had their own little mini me’s in tow. Sol was dozing to the buzzing of a good ole Lasko, covered in long sleeve, long pants to ward off the pesky sand flies. Oh how they love that sweet blood. Just a regular afternoon in the tropics.

Slumber still very much in his eyes as little brother harassed him as if to say, “You were sleeping too long Solly!”. We trekked down to their favourite spot, the river or as Jess likes to say The Creek. There the boys played, splashed and maybe didn’t evade the sand flies as much as we would have liked. But it was beautiful.

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