Amber & Anton

Amber and Anton met when she was in dance school and he was training sports performers 4 years ago. A Bajan girl through and through and a Ukrainian who grew up in New Jersey, two people from completely different worlds. Amber, a dancer, the life of the party and Anton, the calm, collected one who looks on from the sidelines. Yin and Yang, opposites attracting in the best way. Two worlds finally came together when they got married in Barbados. Loved ones from all over the world flew in to witness these two and their beautiful union. The day was full of emotion, many, many and I have to emphasize- MANY tears were shed. I thought I cried a lot until I met Amber. It truly was such a beautiful day, a sunny East Coast ceremony at Codrington with a party under the stars, I know in my gut and in my heart that these two will have the best happily ever after.

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