Tonya + Shravan

Traveling to St.Lucia for Tonya and Shravan’s wedding was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity. I somehow managed to convince my boyfriend that he would be my assistant and dragged him there. Tough life I know. The wedding ceremony and reception were at the insanely beautiful Sugar Beach. It’s actually kind of ridiculous that photos didn’t even do it justice, something you have to see to believe. Much like Tonya on that day. WOW. As she dressed, I was speechless, mainly because the emotions were running high and I wanted to remain undetectable. As her dad came in the room, I burst into tears at his reaction. Gets me every time. Once (most of) the emotions had subsided, we headed down to the dock for the ceremony.

A gorgeous, sunny afternoon filled with bright colours and vibrant prints of all the guests- but nothing could distract from the views of being smack dab in the middle of the two Pitons. Mountains that stand tall and make for the most beautiful skyline. While these mountains stand alone, the view is 100x better when you see them together, much like this beautiful couple. Two individually bright and talented beings, together they’re beaming + unstoppable.

Tonya is a dancer, so naturally Shravan was roped into a whole routine, including 3 different genres and styles of music and dance. What a trooper, the amazing part was – he genuinely seemed into it. If it made Tonya happy, he was doing it. What’s the saying, happy wife… Both of their families made me feel so loved and welcomed, I partied all night with this extremely fun bunch and definitely paid for it the next day.

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