Melissa + Gavin

I first met Melissa in 2019 when we were both in France for her good friend’s wedding. Flash forward one pandemic, and a few years later- it was her turn! I got an email from her planner / friend just a few months before the date to ask if I happened to be on the island at that time. Luckily for me, I actually had planned a short trip to see my bf during that week. It’s funny how timing works out! Their wedding date was 22.2.22.- coincidentally my favourite number is 22! This date was extremely special as well because it’s both a palindrome and an ambigram. A palindrome is when a number or word reads the same backwards and an ambigram is when a word or number reads the same upside down. Pretty cool if you ask me!

Melissa + Gavin wed in her mum’s backyard right before the sun set giving us the most beautiful glowing sky. We snuck over to the empty lot next door at the perfect time when a string band of horses were being taken to their sleeping place for the night. An intimate, casual night with the most special memories to last a lifetime.

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