The Hanna Family

The first time I met the Kendall, I arrived to their house in the thick of the newborn haze to capture Levi’s first few weeks of life. Hidden behind the beautifully chic and polished exterior was a vulnerable girl transitioning into motherhood, just trying to navigate this crazy world and make genuine connections in a foreign land.

When people describe soul twins, this is what I imagine it feels like. Someone who just gets you. Someone who can hold space for you when you just need a few minutes to cry or vent about cleaning litter all day. The Hanna fam is heading back to their hometown of Houston, off on a new adventure. One that I am so excited for, another place to visit! YAY me.

I’ll miss the “I’m going for a coffee now, should I swing for you?”, the spontaneous boat days and Aunty Sam take Levi for a mini swim lesson mornings. The sunsets that made us cry and the nights we danced and sang til we couldn’t anymore.

I’m so grateful to have captured these moments for Kendall, Clint and Levi. Their time in Trinidad has come to an end but they will forever remember these memories together, that one time they lived in a Caribbean Island in the Sun.

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