Lauren + Her Boys

For most of 2020, my sister and I were apart. She and her family went to Canada to give birth to my newest nephew and got stuck due to the pandemic. So naturally for Luke’s Birthday and Mother’s Day coming up, we had to capture these memories together.

Missing so many moments of the first few months of Luke’s life was super hard, now I feel like I’m playing catch up. I have a special bond with each of my nephews and my niece, it’s been so exciting and fun to build that relationship now with Lukey.

Watching him grow (in person) over the last 5 months has been a whirlwind. I look at my eldest nephew who is 7, and I feel like he was just 1 year old… One thing that the last year has taught me, is just to soak up each moment and appreciate the small and big things as they come because time isn’t slowing down anytime soon!

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