Sarah + Charles

It’s hard not to write this post without tears in my eyes. Even listening to the most upbeat, fun tunes, my mind instantly returns to the very raw, authentic emotions that came along with this day. Sarah, the apple of her father’s eye, her father who miraculously recovered from a severe stroke. 3 years to the date of delivering this wedding, what an amazing coincidence, the whole family was all together to relive the memories of this amazing day. Weddings are all about the couple, yep- but this one… to me, was all about Sarah and her dad. (sorry Charlo- you know I love ya). Their special bond is so evident, such an unspoken care and dedication. While she was getting ready, Artie sat patiently in the kitchen, tears in his eyes- a feeling I can only describe as bittersweet. Their family would have never guessed he would be there on this day to not only walk up the aisle, but walk up the aisle strong and beaming with pride and happiness for his baby girl.

As with most weddings happening during this time, loved ones were missing. They were of course missed, but the love and happiness that beamed from Sarah + Charlo was enough to fill the room twice over. After their engagement shoot, I went home and said to myself- damn I want a love like theirs.

Their speeches were sincere, funny, heart felt, tear jerking and most importantly short… Charlo is a die hard Carnival lover, so you know- the party started with a bang. Everyone knew this was an event to be celebrated, protocols all observed.

This was one of the last bigger weddings I’ve shot over the last 4 months, and I cannot wait to feel all these feels again soon. This one was definitely one for the books!

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