Marina + Johann

September 2, 2021

From the day we captured Marina + Johann’s engagement session, I knew the wedding day was going to be emotional. Especially after seeing Marina’s Perfect Tear- sounds like a good cover band name LOL.

As I watched said “perfect tear” roll down Marina’s face during she and Johann’s first dance, my first thought was – SHIT! How does this girl look stunning even when she’s crying?! I’m out here looking like the Kim Kardashian meme behind my mask.

My second thought was, what an absolutely beautiful release of so many emotions that must have been building up over the last few months. Lots of changes, lock downs, curfews, extended curfews but it all was worth it in this moment she shared with Johann.

Eyes shut to the outside world, in this moment, they were all that existed.

Being a part of these intimate weddings, there’s always such a closeness I feel to all of these moments, I’m right there experiencing every wave, every facial expression, every read of their body language. I always joke about being an emotional wreck, but I can safely say, knowing that my couples have these moments where I’m giving it my all, is why I am a storyteller and a photographer.

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